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About us

The People Behind Atmost
We started Atmost in 2011, as we were getting more and more frustrated when we found it very hard ​​to find good quality firewood to fuel our families’ stove and fireplace. It became obvious to us that we were not alone so we decided to import a small batch of compressed sawdust briquettes, a product which we had used successfully abroad. Before we knew it, Atmost was born and gradually expanded in order to offer consumers the top quality goods and services​​ they deserve.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We are proud to be the sole agents of some of the leading brands of stoves and fireplaces such as Morso, MCZ, Kratki, Wanders and Jeremias in order to offer high quality products such as pellet stoves and fireplaces, log burning stoves and fireplaces, outdoor ovens and fireplaces, pellet stove boilers, modern stoves and fireplaces, classic stoves and fireplaces, central heating, chimney pipes and also services such as chimney sweeping.

Being consumers ourselves we look at our business from a customer’s point of view, concentrating our efforts on giving our clients top end products with a great service. Therefore we offer free consultations when buying a stove or fireplace in order to find the right solution for you. We install all our stoves and fireplaces ourselves and have all the necessary equipment which allows us to work efficiently and neatly.

Atmost is not just a business, it is our passion​​​​​​​!

We look forward to being of service to you.

Making pizza with Chef Alex Mattei using our new Morso Forno. From left to Right: Justin Attard Montalto, Alex Mattei and Philip Grech