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Diamond Coring

When installing our stoves and fireplaces we using diamond coring equipment to drill the holes for the chimneys and ducting since it is the most accurate and efficient way of drilling holes horizontally, vertically or even at an angle. There are numerous advantages of using a coring drill. Diamond drilling can be conducted in difficult working environments as the equipment is lightweight and portable. Water is used during coring so the process produces relatively no dust and we use equipment to collect the water in order to leave the work area as clean as possible.

Our diamond coring machines can core holes up to 400mm in diameter in Maltese limestone, ‘Xorok’, concrete with reinforcing bar or bricks. For larger unconventional shaped holes we use the ‘stitch drilling method’, which involves drilling a number of overlapping holes to drill out the shape needed.

We have specialised equipment to mark the exact spot we need to drill and we strive to work as neatly as possible to leave the job site/your home clean.