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Atmost Lunches #1

What Atmost Lunches are about and some tasty chicken kebabs and burgers in our Morso Grill Forno.

Who said you can’t have a bit of fun while you work? Welcome to Atmost Lunches! Now you might be thinking ‘Lunches? Don’t those guys from Atmost sell firewood and install fireplaces?’ Well yes we do but Morso, one of our suppliers, also offers a range of outdoor products and cast iron cookware which makes Justin and I really happy, as we both love our food! Recently we were both working in the office when the usual (and most important) question of the day came up. What are we going to eat for lunch?! Looking at the cast iron ovens across the showroom we thought, “Why not enjoy our own products more often by spicing up our lunch breaks a little?” So Atmost Lunches was born. Once a week we will be using our Morso Outdoor Living range and Morso NAC cast iron cookware to cook our lunch. This will help us demonstrate them to you while doing one of the things we love best.

Today, we decided to start off with something very simple and quick, so we got some pre- marinated chicken kebabs and beef burgers which our butcher makes in-house. Here’s how it works: To light up the Grill Forno we use our Ash logs with plenty of kindling and after around 25 minutes there will be enough embers to start cooking – just push the embers to the side and place the grill or frying pan in the middle. There is also a grill starter available as this grill can also be used with charcoal but more on that some other time.

The Morso ash scraper with blow pipe is really useful here to get some more air to the fire.

The Morso ash scraper with blow pipe is really useful here to get some more air to the fire.

Everybody waiting for lunch – including Samson who seems to have smelled the food too!

Next step – pop in the meat. The result really is mouth watering since cooking with wood on the grill gives you a smoky, crispy outside while still keeping the food moist inside.

After that delicious meal, it is unfortunately time to get back to work but stay tuned for next week’s session of #Atmostlunches!

Atmost products used today:

If you have any suggestions or meals you would like to see us cook let us know here.