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Atmost Lunches #3

Focaccia, Pizza and dessert in the Morso Forno

Pizza is a popular favourite and cooking it in the wood fired Morso Forno is always enjoyable because everybody can join in the fun, preparing and cooking their own pizza.

To light the Forno we use plenty of our Ash logs and kindling placed in the middle of the oven. Smaller pieces are important at this stage to get a good fire going and it is important to use good wood as this will be giving flavour to your food. After around 30 minutes, most of the wood turns to embers and can be pushed to the back and sides of the Forno as we will be cooking in the centre. Every so often during cooking, we put some small logs or kindling on the fire to keep the temperature up as for pizza you need the temperature to be as high as possible. This wood fired oven heats up to around 400℃ and pizzas will cook in around 3 minutes.

There are many ways to make pizza dough but the recipe we found works really well for us is one we got from Alex Mattei. He gave it to us when he came over to cook in the Morso oven for a feature in Taste magazine. Its simple to make and the end result is a fantastic flavourful neapolitan style dough. Click here to view the pizza dough recipe.

Matthias, Justin’s brother, was in charge of making the dough today and he also made a delicious olive and rosemary focaccia to start, using the same dough but leaving it to rise again before cooking.

The showroom was turned into a makeshift kitchen for today’s lunch as we all had a go at making a pizza (…or 2…or 3).

Crispy crust and moist, yummy inside.

Quite a few pizzas later, we somehow still had space for dessert and I find it hard to think of a dessert which beats combining Nutella, fresh strawberries and pizza! We just cooked the pizza dough in the oven and as soon as it came out spread lots of Nutella which melts into the pizza and then top with strawberries.

I can’t explain how yummy it is but this photo might help

The Morso wood fired Forno can also be used for many other dishes and types of cooking like smoking and we hope to cover many more delicious meals soon so stay tuned.

Atmost products used today:

If you have any suggestions or meals you would like to see us cook let us know here.