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How to Cook Pizza with Chef Gorm Wisweh

Cooking pizza using the Morsø Forno Wood Oven
The Morso forno not only makes cooking fun but it is also easy to cook restaurant standard pizzas, grilling and roasting juicy meats, smoked salmon, and bread. It is designed by award winning designer Klaus Rath and even when not in use, the Forno is an elegant piece of outdoor furniture.

Today’s recipe, we will be making pizza with the well-known danish chef Gorm Wisweh, who shows you, how you, in a few minutes, can bake the most delicious and crispy pizza in Morsø Forno.

Serves: 1 Serving, 1 Pizza


1 ball pizzadough, approx. 160 g
150 ml tomato sauce
1 fresh mozzarella cheese
2 tbsp smoked cheese
4 slices good quality mortadella
4 green asparagus
1 lemon
1 tbsp olive oil
1 packet watercress


Break off the chewy ends of the asparagus spears and slice them into thin strips with a peeler or mandoline. Lay the strips in cold water and save the rest to put on the pizza. The strips are a crisp garnish for the baked pizza.

Ensure that your forno is heated through before you start.

Roll out the pizza to approx. 30 cm diameter and spread the tomato sauce over it. Distribute half the mozzarella over the base, but no more, otherwise the pizza will be too “cheesy”. Dot the smoked cheese and remaining asparagus spears here and there, then the mortadella. Top off with a few drops of olive oil.

Push the fire from the middle of the forno back to the edges of the stove in a semicircle, fire up a few small sticks to spread fire over the roof of the stove, and then blow any ashes away from the middle. Now place the pizza in the middle of the forno where the fire was before, with approx. 10 cm clearance to the embers.

Bake for 1 minute, then turn the pizza 180 degrees and bake for further 1 minute. Check the pizza, maybe move it further from the embers and turn it a few more times during the last 2 minutes’ baking.

When it is golden and crisp, take out the pizza and dry the strips of raw asparagus well, then turn them in salt, pepper and a few drops of lemon juice.

Garnish the pizza with the raw marinated asparagus and plenty of cress.

There you go! Pizza with a taste of the early Danish summer!

The Morso ash scraper with blow pipe is really useful here to get some more air to the fire.
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