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Fireplace and Chimney Services

Chimney Sweeping

When burning wood or coal in your stove or fireplace the gasses condense in the chimney which leaves residues and potentially dangerous creosote deposits in your chimney. This soot and creosote build up is flammable and may cause chimney fires.

Unfortunately many people do not realise the danger of not cleaning their chimneys. Sweeping your chimney will greatly reduce the risk of a chimney fire which is a more common occurrence in Malta than people like to think. Having your chimney swept may also improve the performance of your stove or fireplace.

We have specialised equipment for all kinds of chimneys including chimney liners and chimneys with many bends. We come fully prepared and leave the place clean.

We offer chimney sweeping between the months of April and September.

For those who would like to sweep their chimney themselves, we sell chimney brushes and rods here.

Stove and Chimney Installations

We carry out all the necessary installation work when buying one of our stoves. We also install chimneys for existing stoves or fireplaces and carry out the following works:

  • Installations of stoves and fireplaces. We drill all the necessary holes and complete the installation from beginning to end.
  • Chimney replacements. We can install a new chimney for existing stoves or fireplaces.
  • Chimney extensions. For a number of reasons, including insufficient draught or obstructions, chimneys sometimes need to be lengthened.

Why a good installation is so important:
Any stove or fireplace needs a good draught in order to function correctly and this can be affected by many things including length, whether it is insulated or not, diameter and other factors. It is also important as the stove will not be covered by the warranty if not installed correctly. The type of materials used and quality of work will also determine how long your chimney will last.