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Morsø 1412 Classic Stove

A classic with new technology
Thinking of the environment and wanting to live up to the world’s most stringent environmental requirements, Morsø has improved significantly the combustion system of its widely known radiant fireplace, a true Morsø classic. The furnace is fitted with an extra self-regulating chamber that supplies extra air at the top of the stove or fire via a number of ducts. This extra combustion ensures the burning of harmful particles and any excess gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

The Morsø 1412 fires up quickly and effectively, and the side panels are still decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel motif.

Large glass door
The Morsø 1412 is a small universal cast-iron fireplace for firing with wood. The fireplace fires up quickly and is a powerful source of heat with a capacity to provide heating for a living area of up to 75 m2. This fireplace is ideal for fairly small homes, weekend cottages and similar where the heating requirements are not too great.

The glass is kept clean with a glass wash system
The Morsø 1412 is equipped with a shaking grate, an ash shelf and ash drawer, which make it easy to remove the ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s combustion system includes a glass wash system, ensuring that the glass is always kept clean with correct firing.



Technical details

• Radiation System
• Airwash system
• Primary air supply
• Secondary air supply
• Riddling grate system
• Ash Can

• Wood

Colors & Variants
• Black

• EN/N

Rated output (kw) 5
Heat output range (kw) 3-5
Heats up (m2) 45-75
Height (mm) 703
Width (mm) 388
Depth (mm) 438
Flue exit top fits to Ø 120
Flue exit rear fits to Ø 120
Weight (kg) 70
Log length (cm) 25
Clearances to combustible materials, behind stove (mm) 200
Clearances to combustible materials, to the side (mm) 600



Declaration of Performance

CAD Drawings

Stove Dimensions