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Morsø 3142 Classic Stove

Morsø wood burning stove 3142 is a convection stove with a firebox that can take logs up to 32 cm in length. The stove is supplied with the classic squirrel relief.

Tradition and innovation
Morsø wood burning stove 3142 incorporates the best from the classic Morsø design, but it has acquired new shapes and has been constructed according to the latest combustion principles.

Efficient and environmentally friendly
Morsø 3142 is equipped with riddling grate, ash tray and ashpan, making it easy to remove ash and clean the stove. 3142 is based on the latest combustion principles with tertiary air supply and meets the most stringent environmental requirements. It can be fired either with wood or briquettes. The stove is suitable for heating 45-90 sq. m.



Technical details

• Convection System
• Airwash system
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Primary air supply
• Pre-heated secondary air supply
• Tertiary air supply
• Riddling grate system
• Ash Can
• Removable handle

• Wood

Colors & Variants
• Black

• EN/N

Rated output (kw) 5
Heat output range (kw) 3-6
Heats up (m2) 45-90
Height (mm) 739
Width (mm) 514
Depth (mm) 512
Flue exit top fits to Ø 120
Flue exit rear fits to Ø 120
Weight (kg) 113
Log length (cm) 30
Clearances to combustible materials, behind stove (mm)  200
Clearances to combustible materials, to the side (mm)  400
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Declaration of Performance

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Stove Dimensions

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