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Morsø 6100 series

Morsø 6100 wood stove is a minimalist wood stovestove in timeless design, with a large glass door that provides a splendid view of the dancing flames.

Behind the glass, Morsø has developed a combustion technology that uses pre-heated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gases are burnt. This results in both more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.

Morsø 6100 is a small convection wood stove that offers the perfect solution when heating needs are limited or as a supplement to another heat supply. The wood stove has a user-friendly one-handle system for managing the air supply. The stove is easy to use and maintain, and moving parts can easily be replaced.



Technical details

• Convection System
• Airwash system
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Tertiary Air Supply
• Ash pan

• Wood

Colors & Variants
• Black

• EN/N


Rated output (kw) 6
Heat output range (kw) 3-6
Heats up (m2) 45-90
Height (mm)
Morsø 6140 753
Morsø 6141 850
Morsø 6143 950
Morsø 6148 950
Morsø 6150 1016
Morsø 6190 1103
Width (mm) 451
Morsø 6150 (mm) 525
Depth (mm) 386
Morsø 6150 (mm) 423
Flue exit top fits to Ø 120
Flue exit rear fits to Ø 120
Weight (kg) 100
Log length (cm) 33
Clearances to combustible materials, behind stove (mm) 150
Clearances to combustible materials, to the side (mm) 400


Morsø 6140 Manual

Morsø 6140 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 6140 CAD Drawings

Morsø 6140 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 6141 Manual

Morsø 6141 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 6141 CAD Drawings

Morsø 6141 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 6143 Manual

Morsø 6143 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 6143 CAD Drawings

Morsø 6143 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 6148 Manual

Morsø 6148 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 6148 CAD Drawings

Morsø 6148 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 6150 Manual

Morsø 6150 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 6150 CAD Drawings

Morsø 6150 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 6190 Manual

Morsø 6190 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 6190 CAD Drawings

Morsø 6190 Stove Dimensions