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A shallow pellet stove (only 28.6 cm), particularly suitable for small spaces. Two air fans; one of which can be ducted to an adjacent room. This stove is available with a front stone (Serpentino) panel or steel or ceramic panels (Black, White, Bordeaux). The flue outlet can be positioned from the top or from the rear.



Technical Details

(Max) nominal output power (kW) 8
Minimum output power (kW) 2.5
Efficiency at Max (%) 90.2
Hopper capacity (lt) 28.00
Pellet hourly consumption (Min) (kg/h) 0.50
Pellet hourly consumption (Max) (kg/h) 1.7
Autonomy (Min) (h) 36.0
Autonomy (Max) (h) 11.00
Heatable volume (m³) * 192
Smoke outlet (cm) 8
Net weight (kg) 155
Temperature of exhaust smoke at Max (ºC) 179
Mass of smoke (g/s) 4.7

(*) Heatable volume refers to the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product in an insulated room, therefore with an average calorific requirement of 35 kcal/h per m³


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