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What are the chimney regulations in Malta?

Wood Burning Stoves And Fireplaces

As at 2023, according to the Planning Authority’s DC15 guidelines, a chimney should be three metres higher than the nearest roof within a radius of 25m. There is also mention of the chimney not terminating within a certain distance to a window, the distance the chimney flue must be set back from the facade and also the design and aesthetics of the chimney. It is important to consult your architect as they will be able to guide you according to your specific case.

Although there are no regulations as to maintenance of chimney flues in Malta, we recommend sweeping it regularly to remove soot deposits which helps keep the flue in good working order and reduces the chances of chimney fires.

Many countries impose regulations that dictate how a chimney should be installed for it to be safe and function correctly. For example, HETAS is the independent body in the UK that assures heating related appliances such as stoves, fireplaces and chimney flues are installed and maintained according to the British Standard. In Malta, we do not have these regulations but a professional installer would still follow these standards to ensure that your stove or fireplace works correctly. You can read more about chimney installations in our article ‘The importance of a professionally installed chimney flue

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